Inorganic synthesis
   - Gold nanparticles and nanorods
goldnaopartiles and annorods.png


    - Star nanoparticles
star nanoparticles.png


    - Bipyramid nanoparticles

Bypyramid nanoparticle.png

    - Magnetic nanoparticles

Magnetic nanoparticle.png


    - Upconversion nanoparticle
upconversion nanoparticle.png


  Organic synthesis
    - Sythesis of peptoid for photodynamic therapy (PDT)
synthesis of peptoid for photodynamic therapy (PDT).png

  • High-efficiency phototherapy and imaging
         - Sythesis and characterization of various hetero-plasmonic nanomaterials
         - Hybrid nanomaterials with NIR plasmonic property & new functions

  • High-sensitivity biosensing
         - High-sensitivity analysis using the localized surface lasmon resonanace (LSPR)
         - Smart detection based on resonanace energy transfer using the biocompatible materials